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Things to Consider When Choosing Stone Crab Claws

Eating stone crab claws can benefit your body tremendously mainly because of the high protein level, low fat and rich mineral the stone crabs possesses, the nutrients are beneficial to your health and can help boost your immune system and help you stay in shape due to their low fat and carbohydrate levels. The good thing with stone crab claws are sustainable, as long as their harvesting is controlled and the fishermen return them to the sea once they remove the mature claws, their supply can be maintained. Although the stone crab claws are delicious and mouth-watering, there are some things you need to consider before purchasing your delicacy.

One thing you need to look for is how your pretty mouth-watering stone crabs claws are being served, restaurant differs on how they prepare and serve the stone crab claw which can affect the overall experience with the stone crab claws, it is good to ask how the crab claws are served before ordering because in some restaurants the stone crab claws will come with just traditional mustard dipping sauces while in other restaurants they will serve you with steamed stone crab claws with a side of melted butter dipping, hence make sure you inquire prior ordering.

In case it is your first time to order stone crab claws make sure you try during the right season, harvesting of stone crab claws occurs mainly between October and May, during this period you have a chance to try a variety of seafood restaurants and fish eateries at a relatively low price because the stone crab claws might be significantly expensive although it is worth it, during this period are relatively more in the market because it is harvesting period and you are guaranteed to eat the fresh one right from the sea. If you want to try the stone crab claws for the first time consider doing so between October and May, this is the period government have allowed fishermen to harvest stone crab claws therefore they will be relatively available in the market, you will also going to have a fresh one and you can order at an affordable price during this season because it is the harvesting time for the stone crab claws.

Make sure you can identify claws between an adult and a young stone crab, this way you will always remain alert when ordering stone crab claws and you can easily sport stone crab claws from young stone crabs. One thing that set a mature stone crab from the young one is their relatively long and shiny claws compared to the short and non-shiny claws of the young stone crabs, the mature stone crab is also dark brownish red with some grey spots where a young stone crab can be dark brownish red but no grey spots.

The last but not the least thing you need to consider before ordering for stone crab claws is the reputation of the restaurant you are about to place the order, this gives you a hint of how fast their stone crab claws sell, you need to eat the fresh ones hence this should be an important consideration for you, fresh-cooked stoned crab claws have a mild sea-breeze aroma. Make sure you place an order for you stone crab claws from reputable restaurants that enjoy high customer traffic, this guarantees you that you are going to get fresh stone crab claws because of the high demand they get from their many customers, you should also understand the smell of fresh stone crab claws which is like a mild sea-breeze aroma. Considering the reputation and ratings of the restaurant you are ordering your stone crab claws is also important in ensuring that you get fresh ones that smell like a mild sea-breeze aroma. The blog provides you with some knowledge on what to consider before ordering stone crab claws.

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