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Methods of Customers Data Collection in a Brick and Mortar Business

The market share of electronic commerce has dramatically grown. It has been using all manner of data analysis strategies to reach out to its customers and grow further effectively. The bricks and mortar stores along the roads are however still left behind when it comes to sales growth. This is because they experience a lot of difficulties as they try to apply the kind of skills that their online competitors use to collect their customer’s data. However, the bricks and mortar businesses are trying hard. They are coming up with new and inventive ways of collecting customers data.

This will help them to analyze the numbers and come up with means of satisfying the customers better and also make more money in the process. Nowadays, even the bricks and mortar retailers are using the kind of resources and marketing strategies that were previously only enjoyed by online businesses. Free Wifi is one of the methods that bricks and mortar stores are using to collect their customer’s data. For these customers to use the store’s wifi, they are supposed to use their email address. This enables the store to develop than an email database that will later be used for marketing purposes.

How regularly a specific customer visits the store and the period they spend in it can be determined by looking at how they log in and off the wifi. Linking the purchasing data with the email address of a customer can help you to collect more details if you can do so. Bricks and mortar businesses can also be able to collect their customer’s data through the use of tracking software together with security cameras. There is easily accessible and cheap software that you can buy in the market. The buying habits of a customer and the type of products they are interested into can, therefore, be tracked and monitored through this.

Together with already existing security cameras, this tracking software records the movements of a customer and also gets to identify the hotspots where they like to remain for long. Using this data, you can be able to implement better retail performance by setting the profitable products in these spots or signs for special promotions. The last way is using events and loyalty schemes. Using special events and loyalty schemes is something that has been in existence for so long. However, the tools for using the data have only been developed recently. Using these events, you can be able to ask your customers for their data and later use it for marketing purposes.

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